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And at once, because of this, he took heart, since he realized that with such an attitudedominating the other, whatever he might say would be colored in part at least by his admirer's awe and respect.And after examining the socks and deciding that one pair at least would soften the difficulty of his demand, headded: "Oh, by the way, before I forget it. There's something I've been wanting to ask you about. Maybe you cantell me what I want to know. One of the boys at the factorya young fellow who hasn't been married very longabout four months now, I guessis in a little trouble on account of his wife." He paused, because of hisuncertainty as to whether he could succeed with this now or not, seeing that Short's expression changed ever soslightly. the north face summit series
And yet, having gone so far, he did not know how to recede. So now he laughed nervously and thenadded: "I don't know why they always come to me with their troubles, but I guess they think I ought to know allabout these things." (He laughed again.) "Only I'm about as new and green here as anybody and so I'm kindastumped. But you've been here longer than I have, I guess, and so I thought I might ask you."His manner as he said this was as nonchalant as he could make it, the while he decided now that this was amistakethat Short would most certainly think him a fool or queer. north face denali fleece Yet Short, taken back by the nature of thequery, which he sensed as odd coming from Clyde to him (he had noted Clyde's sudden restraint and slightnervousness), was still so pleased to think that even in connection with so ticklish a thing as this, he should bemade the recipient of his confidence, that he instantly recovered his former poise and affability, and replied:"Why, sure, if it's anything I can help you with, Mr. Griffiths, I'll be only too glad to. Go ahead, what is it?""Well, it's this way," began Clyde, not a little revived by the other's hearty response, yet lowering his voice inorder to give the dreadful subject its proper medium of obscurity, as it were. "His wife's already two monthsgone and he can't afford a kid yet and he doesn't know how to get rid of it. I told him last month when he firstcame to me to try a certain medicine that usually works"this to impress Short with his own personal wisdomand resourcefulness in such situations and hence by implication to clear his own skirts, as it were"But I guesshe didn't handle it right. Anyhow he's all worked up about it now and wants to see some doctor who could dosomething for her, you see. discounted north face
Only I don't know anybody here myself. Haven't been here long enough. If it were Kansas City or Chicago now," he interpolated securely, "I'd know what to do. I know three or four doctors outthere." (To impress Short he attempted a wise smile.) "But down here it's different.
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